The Black Hawk War: Videos

Notice: When I produced the film The Black Hawk War: Utah's Forgotten Tragedy in 2010, at the time I was led to believe the Tribe involved in the Black Hawk War was the Ute Tribe of Utah. The Utah State Division of Indian Affairs asked me to make this film. Moreover, we made a mistake, the correct tribe referred to in this video should be the Timpanogos Tribe and not the Ute Tribe. This is a common mistake most every historian has made because Utah's history, as it is written, mistakenly confuses the Utes with the Timpanogos as being the Tribe the Mormons first encountered when they arrived in Utah territory in 1847. We also worked closely with the Ute Tribe when this video was made, and I respectfully say they too have been confused about their history. The confusion is the result of history of the Native peoples of Utah as it is written is one sided. Scholars did not ask or care what the Indians they studied had to say about their work, nor did they ask how they would analyze, interpret, or if they had their own version of the particular story they were writing about. The Timpanogos are Snake-Shoshone and are a distinctly different people from the Ute in language and traditions. At the time when the Black Hawk War occurred between 1849 - 1870, the Utes, comprised of seven bands, occupied Colorado. It was not until 1881 Congress removed them from Colorado to Utah on land belonging to the Timpanogos set aside by Abraham Lincoln in 1861. However, the story of the Black Hawk War in this video is true and accurate. It should be also noted that this video was never intended for the public to see. It was a preview video to a full documentary film I am still working on. This video was intended for my backers only, and the label on the DVD clearly states "Not For Distribution." How it ended up on YouTube is a whole other story. I feel it is very important people understand the mistake that was made was unintentional and based upon history provided to me by Utah historians, the Utah State Division of Indian Affairs, and members of the Ute Tribe at the time, and has since been corrected. - Phillip B Gottfredson

The following videos are related to our understanding of American Indian culture.





researched and produced by Phillip B Gottfredson


The Bear River Massacre 1863 - Will Bagley



US Guilty of Genocide - Video



Russell Means: Welcome to the American Reservation Prison Camp




Native American Holocaust Exterminate Them! The California Story


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