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BLACK HAWK WAR TIMELINE Black Hawk War Historian Phillip B Gottfredson is first to publish a detailed time line of the events of the Utah Black Hawk War from the Mormons arrival in Utah in the year 1847, to the the American Indian Religious Freedom Act in the year 1978. This Time-line chronicles 21 years of Mormon depredations against the Timpanogos Indian Nation who are indigenous to Utah.

TOPICS AND STORIES Topics and stories that are relevant to the Black Hawk War in Utah, histories, archive, documents, source material, facts and treaties etc..

FORT UTAH - BATTLE CREEK MASSACE The following three stories Battle Creek, Old Bishop and Fort Utah all occurred within the year 1849 between the Timpanogos Tribe and the Mormon militia. They are all relevant to having contributed significantly to the cause of the Black Hawk War that followed.

CIRCLEVILLE MASSACRE April 21, 1866 Circleville, Utah, during the Black Hawk War 24 Paiute men women and children innocent of any wrong doing, were brutally murdered, their throats cut one by one then buried in a mass grave to be forgotten.

TIMPANOGOS UTE OXYMORON For over a century, Black Hawk War historians in Utah have mistakenly identified the Snake-Shoshone Timpanogostzis Nation as being Colorado Utes. The Utes and Timpanogos are two distinctly different Tribes in origin, language, and customs.

NEWS Reporting on new discoveries regarding the Black Hawk War in Utah. since 1989 historian Phillip B Gottfredson has devoted his time and resources to nearly two decades of research. The inaccuracies in Utah's history, as they pertain to Utah's Native American inhabitants,


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