Map of the battle locations of the Black Hawk War

We made this map 20 years ago using old technology so it may not behave as was intended.

When you click on the red "X's" you should get a popup telling you what took place at that location. Some x's are close together so you have to aim carefully.





Diamond Creek Battle above Spanish Fork, Utah. Two whites killed and seven Indians died. 1863 stagecoach attacked at cedar valley Fort Utah - Some 50 Indian corpses were beheaded and stacked in boxes. 1863 Indian Pitutch beat to death on bench of Spanish Fork, Utah Battle Creek first Indian Battle 1850 southern end of Utah Lake 26 Inmdians were chased out on the frozen lake and slaughtered by Mormon militia. Failed attempt to make a treaty when John Lowery jerked Arropeen from his horse, the Black Hawk War began. 1866 three Indians killed at Manti, Utah 1865 seven Indians killed and two whites wounded in Ephriam 1854 Allred's settlement burned at Spring City Daniel Miller killed at Spring City Sawmill 1872 1865 Chief Sanpitch murdered near Moroni by Dolf Bennett 1865 David H Jones killed near Fairview 1865 Jens Larsen Killed at Fairview 1853 four whites killed at Uinta Springs, now called Fountain Green. 1865 Given Family murdered in Thistle Valley 1858 Call and Brown killed at Chicken Creek. Treaty with Chief Walkara and Kanosh was signed. 1856 Jens Jergenson and wife, Jens Terkelsen, E, Kjerduff were massacred in Salt Canyon. 1853 Nine Indians killed and three captured. 1853 Willow Creek, Issac Duffin wounded 1853 C. B. Hancock wounded and a number of Indians killed. 1853 Turner E Tindle killed, three houses burned and Chases's mill. Black Hawk was born and died at Spring Lake. 1856 Tintic War. Chief Tintic killed. 1853 two killed and one wounded at Parley's Park Fillmore, Utah Mountain Meadows Massacre 126 whites murdered by Mormons 1851 Gunnison Massacre five whites killed, one Indian killed. Location is 6 miles west of Deseret, not able to show location on this map. Circleville scene of the worst massacre of Indians by Mormon church leader James Allred in 1866. 27 Indians throats were cut one by one and buried in a mass grave.