The Utah Black Hawk War: Settler Colonialism

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My Journey to Understand Black Hawk's Mission of Peace


Black Hawk's Mission of Peace author Phillip B Gottfredson. Subjects are the Utah Black Hawk War, Timpanogos Nation, and setttler colonialism.  Black Hawk's Mission of Peace author Phillip B Gottfredson. Subjects are the Utah Black Hawk War, Timpanogos Nation, and setttler colonialism.   Black Hawk's Mission of Peace author Phillip B Gottfredson. Subjects are the Utah Black Hawk War, Timpanogos Nation, and setttler colonialism.

The Author

Phillip Gottfredson has been recognized for his outstanding efforts in understanding and valuing Indigenous cultures, spending considerable time in different communities across North and South America to gain knowledge of their history and traditions. Phillip gives intimate knowledge of the dynamics and consequences of settler colonialism. His compassionate approach, respect, and appreciation for Indigenous cultures have earned him a warm welcome from tribal leaders, who invited Phillip to participate in numerous sacred ceremonies. For his contributions, he received the prestigious Indigenous Day Award.

Phillip became an author because of circumstances rather than desire. His great-grandfather, Peter Gottfredson, was a friend of Black Hawk and the Timpanogos during the Black Hawk War in Utah, which spanned 26 turbulent years. Phillip needed to know what his experience was living among them, so he set about finding the answer by first living with the Shoshoni and various Tribes throughout North and South America, learning their history and life-ways.

"Grandfather Peter wrote about Black Hawk's Mission of Peace toward the war's end. But the question remained, why Black Hawk would go to extreme measures to find a peaceful end to war after all the unimaginable pain and suffering he and his people went through.

"In my studies of the Black Hawk War, I wanted to believe that the people committing the atrocities on Utah's Native peoples were wretched people. Loathsome people. People who lived out on the fringes of society. People who had gone astray of any moral concience or human decency. But they were people who after committing sensless murders would go home, tend to their farms, sing hymns in church the next day. They were the bishops, councilors, businessmen, and exemplary folks in their communities."

"How do I know these things? I lived with them for over 25 years; I found Phillip B Gottfredson Author Black Hawk's Mission of Peacethe truth. These are traditional teachings of the Timpanogos I learned while living with them and Native Americans throughout North America, and the Mayan in South America. I am proud to say I voluntarily and willingly assimilated into Native American culture, without shame or regrets. It has been the best years of my life. History is not just the study of the past; it's also the ethnology of indigenous people, present traditions, rituals, and legacies. But it's not about me, it's not about you. It's about all of us, the human race, the circle of life. I'm only the messenger," said Mr. Gottfredson. ~


"Mr. Gottfredson has done an amazing job of telling this story with passion and honesty. As you follow him through his journey of discovery, you will be captivated by his experiences. Bravo, Sir !" -Barely Ablemann, Washington DC

"This book brings light and knowledge to history that has been absent since the colonization of the United States." -J. Ferguson

"I finished reading your YOUR UNBELIEVABLE BOOK your experiences blew me away and I love how you dovetailed your views & everything so beautifully together!!! WOW WOW WOWWW!!!" - Gary Lee Price

"I am not exaggerating when I say that this book has changed my life. I can't recommend it enough". -Stephanie T Lundeen


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Indian Depredations in Utah by Peter Gottfredson 1919

Indian Depredations in Utah author Peter Gottfredson 1919

Phillip B Gottfredson's quest for truth began with his great-grandfather Peter Gottfredson's classic history, "Indian Depredations in Utah." This book is a firsthand tell-all account of Brigham Young's extermination of the Timpanogos Nation. Peter's book offers a vital perspective on early settlement in the Great Basin and the deadly consequences of settler colonialism from the perspective of Mormon settlers.

Peter Gottfredson's "Indian Depredations in Utah," published in 1919, and Phillip B Gottfredson's "My Journey to Understand Black Hawk's Mission of Peace," published in 2019, are companion books.

5-star Reviews!

"A very interesting book. Even though I live in Utah, and am somewhat of a history buff, this book tells a lot more about the Indians in Utah than I ever knew. It was worth my time to read it." -Ken in Riverton

"Peter Gottfredson's Indian Depredations in Utah is a classic firsthand account of the Black Hawk War in Utah. I highly recomend this account to anyone." -Benson Littlefield

"Peter Gottfredon's book reminds us that, as human beings, we have a sacred responsibility. To ourselves, and our Creator, to build a more just and compassionate world." -Phillip B Gottfredson

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