Utah Black Hawk War; Black Hawk's Mission of Peace

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Gary Price with Phillip B Gottfredson with statue of Timpanogos Chief Wakara in backgroundNever before have we seen Utah's Black Hawk War through the eyes of the indigenous peoples of Utah. In "My Journey to Understand Black Hawk's Mission of Peace," Phillip Gottfredson weaves a tapestry of raw, unfiltered revelations of the Mormon's extermination of indigenous peoples of Utah, exposing the heart-wrenching realities of racial conflict, the fragility of life, and the indomitable spirit of the Timpanogos peoples as they weathered the storm spanning 27 years until the bitter end. Get your copy now!

Gary Lee Price sculptor with Phillip B Gottfredson author


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Copyright: 2019

Hardcover | 6 x 9 in | 320 pages |
   ISBN 9781480884519 $37.95

     Softcover | 6 x 9 in | 320 pages |
   ISBN 9781480884526 $20.95 

                E-Book | 320 pages |
   ISBN 9781480884533 $9.99

Praise & Reviews for Black Hawk's Mission of Peace:

"I finished reading your YOUR UNBELIEVABLE BOOK your experiences blew me away and I love how you dovetailed your views & everything so beautifully together!!! WOW WOW WOWWW!!!" - Gary Lee Price, renowned sculptor and author of international best seller Divine Turbulence, Arizona.

"Diana and I have just finished reading a book that is told from the long forgotten Timpanogos Nation by Phil Gottfredson or Mr. Phil. This book ranks in the top 5 of all the hundreds of books that I have ever read in my life...and I have read hundreds if not thousands. Please purchase a copy of this book and read it." - Larry Ballard, Utah.

"The second half of your book, was a complete surprise. Such a breath of fresh air. Your vulnerable documentation of your spiritual journey is invaluable and insightful. I long for experiences like the ones you described." -Marcus, Utah

"This book is an honest look at how native peoples have been and still are treated by an encroaching group who believe they have a higher right to do whatever they want to do, regardless of the consequences in human pain and suffering. Mr. Gottfredson has done an amazing job of telling this story with passion and honesty. As you follow him through his journey of discovery, you will be captivated by his experiences. As many have said, this book should be a part of every American high school student's study of American history, for if we could be willing to acknowledge our whole history and see the truth, the truth will set us free. Bravo, Sir !" -Barely Ablemann, Washington DC

"I am so grateful for this book. I have lived in Utah all my life and had very little understanding of the history of the native people. Finding this book helped me to see just how incredible the Timpanogos Tribe is, and how the effects of my ancestors settlement are still being felt so deeply by this tribe today. So grateful for this book. The ways that it tells it from the Tribe’s perspective. Read this book!" -M. Owens, Utah

"Everyone--but especially every resident of Utah, past or present--should read this book. Mr. Gottfredson's recursive style embeds the stories and the pain of Utah's unacknowledged genocide in a personal journey of enlightenment and growth that is ultimately optimistic and hopeful. He foregrounds Native perspectives with a quiet insistence that establishes layers upon layers of truth. I am not exaggerating when I say that this book has changed my life. I can't recommend it enough". -Stephanie T Lundeen

"This book was truly inspired! It was powerful, filled with emotions, truths and love. Thank you Phillip Gottfredson -Cynthia Johnson, Utah"

"This book completely changed my life." -Johnathan Canlas, Utah

"As the artist that created the art for the cover of Phillip B Gottfredson's book Black Artist Carol Pettit HardingHawk's Mission of Peace, I will tell you, the history of the great Timpanogos Nation that Phillip shared with me took on a life and spirit of its own. As Phillip spoke of the extraordinary life of Black Hawk, I felt a deep and spiritual calling for me to get involved. This great warrior's story overwhelmed me with compassion, and understanding." -Carol Lahoma Pettit Harding, Utah

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