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Discrimination of Timpanogos Nation by the Ute Tribal Court

Discrimination of Timpanogos Nation by the Ute Tribal Court. Timpanogos member Stuart Murdock was unlawfully arrested in front of his 12-year-old son and ordered to court for exercising his aboriginal hunting and fishing rights on the reservation set aside for the Indians of Utah Territory.

On June 15, the Ute Tribal Chief of Police (who also identified himself as a BIA officer), in collaboration with Ute Tribal Fish and Game, held Stuart in jail for 7 hours, impounded his car, and seized his tribal ID and personal property.

They still have possession of his tribal ID and the fishing equipment of him and his son. On June 17, the Ute Court refused to give Stuart Murdock his day in court and refused to file his arraignment plea. When the Timpanogos Nation attempted to file the not-guilty plea on Stuart’s behalf, the Ute Tribal Court went into a panic. The prosecutor advised the public defender not to file any papers and court was dismissed without a plea being entered. For more information, contact the Timpanogos Nation at TimpanogosNation@gmail.com

See video at: https://www.facebook.com/share/v/cR1ELBNipWd7jF89/ 



How many LDS Church historians have spoken to the Timpanogos Nation in the past 100 years?



Where do you get your source material?

We frequently get asked where we get our stories. Answer: First Nations, State Archives, Church Archives, University of Utah Special Collections, Brigham Young University Special Collections, to name a few. For more sources see Phillip B Gottfredson Biography and Source Material



A RESPONSE TO WARD RADIO - PART 1 by Kyle Bishop is available for viewing on our Facebook page Utah's Black Hawk War.

Ward Radio attacked all who have said that Brigham Young signed an extermination order known as Order #2, saying it isn't true. Ward Radio LDS, Radio, and Podcast Community also claims that people are just attacking the church.

In Kyle's hour-long video, he methodically addresses Ward Radio's claim with carefully researched documentation while pointing out that Ward Radio offered its audience zero documentation.

It's particularly valuable for those who maintain a healthy skepticism to invest the time to watch.



Federal Recognition

It's important to note that federal recognition does not determine the authenticity or existence of a tribe; it only confirms the existence of a nation-to-nation relationship between an Indian tribe and the United States. Because it is optional, many Native American Tribes with deep historical and cultural roots are independent of federal recognition. The Timpanogos Nation currently consists of about 1000 descendants of the 'Royal Bloodline' living on the Uintah Valley Reservation in Utah, and they have filed for recognition.

The Utah State Division of Indian Affairs disagrees. For example, Google "Native American Tribes in Utah." You will see six Tribes listed, but not The Timpanogos Tribe. Why? According to the Utah State Division of Indian Affairs, "We only acknowledge Tribes that are Federally Recognized."

Well, that's their choice. However, they are Indigenous to Utah and have filed with the Department of the Interior some 13000 pages of documents, genealogy, bloodlines, birth records, Indian Agency records, etc., proving they are American Indians, Indigenous, Native American, and Shoshoni. Still, are they listed among the Native Tribes of Utah?

Why don't the English, Danish, Germans, and all other nationalities living in the United States have to be federally recognized?



If you have tried to purchase our book Black Hawk's Mission of Peace from our website here and you got an error message, it has been fixed. We are very sorry for any convienance. Thank you for your understanding.


A misleading myth that glosses over the brutal reality of settler colonialism

The notion that Brigham Young building relations with the Timpanogos by feeding and not fighting them helped develop and improve relations is a misleading myth that glosses over the brutal reality of settler colonialism in Utah. The truth is that the Mormon settlement of the Great Basin was based on the violent seizure of an entire territory of the Timpanogos Nation and its resources, which resulted in the decimation of their population and their forced relocation and confinement to reservations.

Quoting the Boston Review 2021- The United States is Not "A Nation of Imagrants"

by Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz

"This idea of the gift-giving Indian helping to establish and enrich the development of the United States is a screen that obscures the fact that the very existence of the country is a result of the looting of an entire continent and its resources, reducing the Indigenous population, and forcibly relocating and incarcerating them in reservations. The fundamental unresolved issues of Indigenous lands, treaties, and sovereignty could not but scuttle the premises of multiculturalism for Native Americans. Multiculturalism persisted into the neoliberal twenty-first century, culminating in widespread “diversity” training, the coining of a new term, “people of color,” and the production of Hamilton, which not only erased the Indigenous peoples and African slavery but also turned the white founding fathers, who authored a Constitution that recognized only white people as citizens, into brown and Black men."



Mary Meyer, Chief Executive of the Timpanogos Nation, has just been made "Global Women Peace Ambassador" for the Women's Federation For World Peace USA.

Members of the Timpanogos Nation Council with Mary Meyer

From my heart to yours Mary you are the best!!

Phillip B Gottfredson



There Are No Known Photos of Timpanogos Chief Antonga Black Hawk

Final drawing of Timpanogos Chief Black Hawk by artist Carol Pettit Harding.

In 2019, Phillip B Gottfredson completed the writing of Black Hawk's Mission of Peace when he asked his long-time friend Carol Pettit Harding if she could recreate the face of Timpanogos Chief Black Hawk from an old historic photo of his skull.  William E. Croff holding the skull of Timpanogos Chief Black after robbing his grave in 1919.

William E. Croff, shown holding Black Hawk's skull, is credited with having dug up Black Hawk's remains back in 1919 at Spring Lake above Payson, Utah. Carol, in her 80s, examined the photo closely, and after some enhancement of the old photo, Carol was confident she could recreate the face of Black Hawk from the photo.

The Timpanogos Tribe granted permission for Carol to do the work, and Phillip provided other photos of Tribal members, past and present, to help Carol in the process. Mr. Gottfredson also provided Carol with historical documents that described in detail what Black Hawk looked like and what he wore. After nearly two months of tedious work, Carol and Phillip made a special trip to the Uintah Valley Reservation to meet with Mary Meyer, Chief Executive of the Timpanogos Nation. As Mary and members of the Tribe looked at Carol's work, they said, "He looks like uncle Frank." Satisfied with Carol's work, permission was granted to Phillip to publish Black Hawk's image in his book. See Timpanogos Chief Black Hawk's Grave




Artist Gary Lee Price with Timpanogos Chief Mary Meyer, Jose, and Carl, admiring the Statue of Responsibility by scultor Gary Lee Price. Photo taken at La Casita in Springville, Utah.

Celebrating Life, Art, and The Human Spirit

by Phillip B Gottfredson

It's always a rich and uplifting experience to visit Gray Lee Prices Alchemy Arts Foundry in Springville, Utah. Today was no less exciting. Gary and Leesa Price shared not only their most recent projects but also their vision for humanity.

Gary Price's Statue of Responsibility, temporarily located outside the famous La Cacita Mexican Restaurant in Springville City, Utah, is nothing less than profound. The message of the two hands clasping each other is that we each have a responsibility to lift each other up as we progress in life. Sometimes, we do the lifting; other times, we are the ones being lifted up. Gary is an exemplary model for that message.

Gary walks his talk. The examples are endless. But his work with the Timpanogos Nation is stellar. Gary is not only an artist; he is also an author. His book Devine Turbulence is the #1 best International Seller. As a sculptor is recognized nationally. Yet his compassion for all life, humility, and respect for others is genuine. The Timpanogs who have suffered unimaginable emotionally and physically because of Utah's Black War days, Gary has lifted them up. He understands their pain because of his personal experiences, which he describes in his book.

Today was Mary Meyer's birthday. Gary and Leesa treated Mary, members of the Timpanogos Council, friends, and supporters, a total of 15, to dinner at La Casita. It was delicious, and good conversations and good friends. It doesn't get better than this. From my heart to yours, BIG HUGS, Gary and Lessa, for being who you are!!



There are appromently 3000 oil wells on the Uintah Valley Reservation in Utah. According to the Depatment of Energy Records, in 2022, Utah exported over 5.324 million barrels of oil per month via pipeline.

The Ute Tribe recieves about 10% of oil revenues, and the rest goes to the oil companies and the State of Utah. The Timpanogos Nation who also lives on the Uintah Valley Reservation recieves 0% of oil revenues because they are not a federally recognized Tribe. Even though Congress recogized the Tribe in 1865, the Department of the Interior has never put them on their list.

So why hasn't the most documented Indigenous Tribe in Utah never been recogized? Follow the money!

That's my opinion. -Phillip B Gottfredson.



Phillip B Gottfredson Makes a Guest Appearance At The Hutchings Museum

Phillip B Gottfredson author Black Hawk Mission of Peace speaking at Hutchings Museum in Lehi, UtahThe Hutchings Museum in Lehi, Utah, is considering acquiring a 7-foot version of Gary Lee Prices statue of Timpanogos Chief Wakara. Author and Historian Phillip B Gottfredson briefly spoke, saying, "During my years of research of the Timpanogos Nation and the Black Hawk War, and all the many accounts I read, not one account ever talked about the Timpanogos version of the Black Hawk War. No account said anything about the Indigenous point of view. This, I believe, is one reason it is so important for the Hutchings Museum to have this statue of Wakara and to educate people to the true history of Utah's Black Hawk War."

Leesa Clark-Price and Ed Conder spoke eloquently to the council about the Timpanogos Wakara project and the Statue of Responsibility project.

Timpanogos council member Perry Murdock represented the Timpanogos and spoke in support of the Hutchings Museum having the statue.

Also in attendance were James Pritchett, along with his wife Karen and their grandson Kendrick. James is the great-grandson of Timponogos Chief Tabby.


Phillip B Gottfredson showing of his new Blackhawkproductions.com sign by Signarama in Orem, Utah

There are times when someone gets it right, and Signarama NAILED IT!! I am talking about the new sign I had made and installed for my Suburban. Now that's perfection!! Thank you Signarama in Orem, Utah!! Excellent customer service, they are the best!!!




The Ute Tribe of the Uintah & Ouray agency was federally recognized in 1937, under the constitutional name "Ute Tribe of the Uintah & Ouray Reservation." Ute Tribe of the Uintah & Ouray Reservation is the Ute Nation's constitutional name, BUT THERE Is NO UINTAH OURAY RESERVATION. There has never been any congressional action that created a reservation called the "Uintah & Ouray Reservation." The Ute Tribe of the Uintah & Ouray Reservation lives on the Uintah Valley Reservation and are referred to as the Northern Ute.

Caleb B. Smith, Secretary of the Department of Interior, recommended to President Lincoln that the Uintah Valley, in the Territory of Utah, be set apart and reserved for the use and occupancy of Indian Tribes of Utah. "I respectfully recommend that you order the entire valley of the Uintah River within Utah Territory, extending on both sides of said river to the first range of contiguous mountains on each side, to be reserved to the United States and set apart as an Indian reservation," he said. President Abraham Lincoln responded, "Executive Office Oct. 3, 1861," with the President's words, "Let the reservation be established, as recommended by the Secretary of the Interior." The Uintah Valley Reservation was then enacted into law on May 5, 1864, by the Act of Congress. See Mistaken Identity of Utah's Timpanogos Nation & the Ute Tribe

NOTE: The Utah Division of Indian Affairs states on their website the following: "Three bands of Utes make up the Northern Ute tribe: the Whiteriver, Uncompahgre, and Uintah. The Uintah Band was first to call the Uintah Basin their home. Later, the Whiteriver and Uncompahgre bands were removed from Colorado to the Uintah Valley Reservation, creating the Uintah and Ouray Reservation." And... "After conflicts with the Mormons, the Utes signed the Treaty of Spanish Fork in 1865 and were forced to move to the dry Uintah Basin."

Historian Floyd O'Neil famously said, "You can't stretch a rat's ass over a rain-barrel." He explained, "No treaties were made between the Indian people of Utah and the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (Mormons); 'agreements' were made between the Mormon Church and the indigenous people. At best, these agreements were divisive to trick the Indians into giving up their land," he said. See Black Hawk War Treaties

There is no U & O reservation, and no treaties! Wow! Add that the Utes relinquished any claim to land they may have had when they signed the Ute Treaty of 1868 in Colorado, and they were not sent to Utah until 1881. And even the Utah Division of Indian Affairs doesn't understand the history of the Indigenous people they represent, really?!


IMPORTANT: The Fort Utah Battle Creek Canyon pages have been corrected. Over time story lines unintentionally got out of sequence as new material was added, but hopefully they are corrected now. Sorry for any inconvienance it may have caused.



A Hand Up For The Timpanogos!!

Timpanogos Chief Mary Meyer with Bugess OwensWait! Is that Congressman Burgess Owens Raiders Super Bowl Champ? Indeed it is, with Timpanogos Nation Chief Executive Mary Murdock Meyer! WOW!! And take a closer look; Mary is wearing Bugess's Championship ring! WOW!! WOW!! WOW!!

Yesterday was one of those once-in-a-lifetime experiences, and it couldn't have happened to a nicer person than Mary Meyer, or Burgess for that matte! All thanks to Gary and Leesa Price. The room at Alchemy Foundry in Springville, Utah, was packed with amazing people, Mike Mendenhall, mayor of Spanish Fork, the honorable Judge Marla Snow, Debora Bond Heber City Council, Wakara Agular and Michele Agular, direct descendants of Timpanogos Chief Wakara, Jim Pritchett great-grandson of Timpanogos Chief Tabby and wife Karen and grandson Kendrick, representatives from Central Bank, author Phillip B Gottfredson, and the entire Tribal Council of the Timpanogos Nation.


Internationally renowned sculptor Gary Lee Price inspired everyone by describing the story behind his latest 7' masterpiece bronze of Timpanogos Chief Wakara.

Sculptor Gary Lee Price with his statue of Timpanogos Chief Wakara

"I call it, A New Day", said Gary. "Because this statue represents a new begining for the Timpanogos Nation." A hundred and sixty years have passed since the days of the Utah Black Hawk War when Mormon leader Brigham Young took from the Timpanogos their land, their culture, and freedom.

To the statue's left is a miniature version of Gary's Statue of Responsibility. "The Statue of Responsibility is more than a statue," Gary explained, "it is a movement. The message, two hands clasping wrists, is that we all have a responsibility to each other. Sometimes we are the hands reaching up for help, sometimes we are the hands reaching down to help. So it is no accident that the statue of Responsibility and the statue of Wakara have come togeather at the sametime. It is no accident that I met Mary when I did, or that we had the opportunity to bring the Statue of Responsibility to Utah."

Mayor Mike Mendenhall announced that he and the city of Spanish Fork have approved land and resources for the Chief Wakara statue, "Spanish Fork, I believe, is a perfect location for the Wakara statue," Mendenhall explained. Mayor Mendenhall described how Spanish Fork got its name from the early Spanish explorers Dominguez and Escalante, who camped in the area in 1776 and met the Timpanogos people. "Mary has expressed her desire to have the statue placed in Spanish Fork because she said, "the land is sacred land of our people." Please donate to the Timpanogos Wakara Statue Project

The Mayor praised Phillip B Gottfredson's book My Journey to Understand Black Hawk's Message of Peace. "If you haven't read the book you need to," said Mike Mendenhall. Phillip presented Congressman Burgess Owens with a copy of his book. Judge Snow sat beside Phillip and said, "I have read your book. My husband has read it. I bought two more for my friends," she said. "I feel deeply honored that Judge Snow and Mike like my book," said Phillip.

Timpanogos Tribal Council

Timpanogos Tribal Council



The Black Hawk Monument at Spring Lake, Utah

Black Hawk - Ute Indian Chief Marker image. Click for full size.
Photographed By Bill Kirchner, October 1, 2018

Let's correct racist and inaccurate Black Hawk War monuments please!

We begin by looking at each line of the above monuent below:

Monument: When the Ute Indian Chief, Black Hawk died on September 27, 1870 near Spring Lake and was buried by his tribe in a nearby ravine, there was laid to rest a man designated by Brigham Young as "The most formidable foe amongst

Fact: 1. Black Hawk was not Ute; he was Timpanogos. See Timpanogos Bio. 2. Black Hawk died at Spring Lake and was buried by his kin on a hillside above the lake on the south side. 3. The Utes were not in Utah until 1881, 8 years after the Black Hawk War ended. 4. Black Hawk was only in the war for 14 months when he was shot at Gravely Ford. He spent the last two years of his life campaigning for peace, called "Black Hawk's Mission of Peace. You don't see the settlers doing that, This monument doesn't tell us the rest of the story.

Monument: the Redman" that the pioneers had encountered in many years. These words were prompted by the memory of Chief Black Hawk's part in Utah's worst Indian war which ended in 1867. The war commenced in April 1865 at Manti, Sanpete County. Three years later, when the Indians were finally brought to terms 51 settlers had been killed and 25 settlements abandoned in 5 counties.

Fact: 1. The war may have begun for the Mormons in 1865 at Manti when drunken John Lowry pulled war Chief Jake Arapeen off his horse and beat the hell out of him. Before that date, there were over 40 bloody confrontations spanning 24 years, which began in 1848 at Battle Creek Canyon with Brigham Young's "Extermination Order." Fact: 2. There were no "Indian problems" until the whiteman came and stole their land. But the monument doesn't mention that. 3. The Timpanogos population is estimated to have been over 70,000 when the Mormons came to Utah in 1847. Brigham Young boasted, "I do not suppose there is one in ten, perhaps not one in a hundred, now alive of those who were here when we came." That being the case, the death toll of the Timpanogos was staggering. 4. Our research shows 932 documented Timpanogos deaths and 238 Whites. This does not include deaths from smallpox and starvation! The Timpanogos Tribe decreased by 90%.

Monument: The seriousness of the Indian depredations was such that during the three-year war, over 4700 men of the Territorial Militia were called into service.

Fact: 1. The "Territorial Militia" they refer to was Brigham Young's all Mormon miltia which was illegal BTW. 2. No mention of Mormon depredations that cost the Timpanogos their lives, land, and irreversable damage. See What Does the Timpanogos Version of the Black Hawk War Look Like?

Monument: Expenses incurred during the war were in excess of one and one half million dollars. Although scattered Indian raids continued into the summer of 1868, the Black Hawk War was regarded as officially closed in 1867.

Fact: 1. The cost of the war is correct according to reliable histories, however, The LDS Church billed Congress for that amount. See Memorial of the Legislative Assembly of Utah 2. As far as the war ending in 1865, according to the Native people of Utah it has never ended.

Final note: The word "Indian" is also offensive to Native Americans. They prefer Native American, Indigenous, or Tribal names such as the Timpanogos or the Paiute. "Indian" is Whiteman's term dating back to Columbus when he thought he had discovered India.

It's monuments like these that unintentionally cause divisions between our cultures, racism, and hate. We need more balanced accounts that tell both sides of the story. Research shows what people know about the Utah Black Hawk War they get from reading monuments like this one. We have a responsibility to tell the truth for future generations. Besides, remember that descendants of leaders like Black Hawk see these monuments, too. How would you feel if it was your ancestors on these monuments?




Bronze Statueof Timpanogos Chief WakaraIt's a new day for the Timpanogos Nation as the newly completed Bronze Statue of Chief Wakara rolls out of the Alchemy Foundry in Springville, Utah. Taking nearly a year to complete from conception to casting, renowned Sculptor Gary Lee Price has created a masterpiece of one of the seven great Chiefs of the Timpanogos Nation. And if all goes according to plan, Wakara will be installed in Spanish Fork, Utah.

Chief Wakara was the Principal Chief of the Timpanogos when Brigham Young and 134 Church of Jesus Christ members entered the Great Basin in 1847. For more information, please visit Chief Wakara.

This is the first time in 160 years since the Black Hawk War in Utah anyone has honored the Timpanogos—a heartfelt thanks to Gary Price and the Timpanogos Nation Chief Executive Mary Murdock Meyer. Hopefully, this will be a new beginning for the Timpanogos Nation.

Donate to the Timpanogos Project Chief Wakara Monument

Visit Gary Lee Price

-Phillip B Gottfredson



Truth-out!! FAKE History!!

Kiowa Apache man called Black Hawk. This is not Antonga Black Hawk of UtahFACT: This is NOT Timpanogos war Chief Black Hawk, aka "Antonga." This is a photo of a Kiowa Apache called Black Hawk.

This photo is an albumen print taken in 1875 by William S. Soule, the post photographer at Fort Sill, Oklahoma. The Smithsonian collection has provided it.

Utah's Black Hawk died in 1870 at Spring Lake, Utah. There are no known pictures of Antonga Black Hawk who was a war Chief of the Timpanogos Nation from 1865 to 1870. The Timpanogos are not Ute and never were. They are Snake-Shoshoni, an entirely different Tribe in language, customs, and bloodlines.

For decades, this photo has been incorrectly labeled and widely published many times on the internet, in news articles, magazines, and books as being a Ute Chief named Antonga Black Hawk of Utah.

I wish to thank David McLaughlin for this photo and information.


Chief Colorow of the Colorado Ute.FACT: This is not a photo of Timpanogos Chief Wakara aka Walker. It is Chief Colorow of the Colorado Ute Nation who died in 1888.

This photo, for over 20 years, has been published many times on the internet, and printed material as being Chief Wakara. Chief Wakara was the principal Chief of the Timpanogos, and died in 1855. The Ute and Timpanogos are different Tribes in bloodline, customs, and origin. The Timpanogos are not enrolled members of the Ute Tribe and never were.


Celebrating the casting of Timpanogos Chief Wakara

Great day at the Alchemy foundry of sculptor Gary Lee Price in Springville, Utah, today. We all celebrated the casting of Timpanogos Chief Wakara. In the above photo, left to right, Carl Christensen Tribal Council, Ed Conder Artisan, Perry Murdock Tribal Council, Leesa Price, Mary Murdock Meyer Chief Executive of the Timpanogos Nation, Gary Price, Jim Pritchett Great Grandson of Chief Tabby, Karen Pritchett, Kendrick grandson of Jim and Karen, Phillip B Gottfredson Author Black Hawk's Mission of Peace, and Stephanie Christensen.


Jim Pritchett seeing for the first time the bronze casting(unfinished) of Timpanogos Chief Wakara. Wakara was a brother of Jim's great-grandfather Chief Tabby.

In the second photo are Gary's sons poring 1700 degree bronze into molds.

Following the tour of the foundry Gary and Leesa treated us to a delicious meal at the La Casita restaurant in Springville.

The statue of Wakara is the first in a series of sculptures. It has been suggested that each of the Timpanogos Chiefs be recognised and placed in different places in the state of Utah honoring the Timpanogos Nation, and provide education, which is long overdue. The Utah Black Hawk War brought irreversable damage to the Timpanogos. And though we can never undo the wrongs of the past, we can join the movment to bring healing on both sides for gerations to come. There is tremendous gratitude that the Timpanogos Nation offered their full support for this project that everyone can participate in. One city inparticular already had land donated, and financial backing.

Because this is just the begining, detailed information will be posted as progress is made.



Website Updates

BlackHawkProductions.com has been undergoing it's annual makeover. Fixing technical glitches, and giving things a cleaner look. We sure hope you like our new look, and thank you for your patience if we have caused you any inconvienance. We're almost done. Just a few more tweeks.

Best wishes to all this holiday season !!




Timpanogos Chiefs Wakara, Tabby, Arapeen, Sanpitch, Grospean, Ammon, and Tintic had a sister(s) !!

Stay tuned, we're gathering all the facts still.



Timpanogos Chief Tabby's Great-grandson

Checkout our new page on Timpanogos Chief Tabby's great-grandson! This is what colonialism looks like...

James Leonard Pritchett

a great-grandson of

Chief Tabby

Timpanogos Chief Tabby Jim and Karen Prichett


Excerpt: "Who am I, where did I come from, and what am I doing here." Leo continues his life-long quest to find the answer to those questions. He is never told the Snake-Shoshoni Timpanogos are not Ute and are distinctly different Tribes in origin, blood, language, and customs. I recall vividly the conversations I had with the Ute Tribe back in 2004. Several people told me, "We are afraid to talk about those days; the church might take revenge on us." Since then, others have explained that "because the church has orders to exterminate us, we were raised to never tell anyone that we are Timpanogos; it was a matter of life or death." 

Read More

Phillip B Gottfredson with Gary Lee Price

My Journey to Understand...BLACK HAWK'S MISSION OF PEACE

"I finished reading YOUR UNBELIEVABLE BOOK your experiences blew me away and I love how you dovetailed your views & everything so beautifully together!!! WOW WOW WOWWW!!!" - Gary Lee Price

"Mr. Gottfredson has done an amazing job of telling this story with passion and honesty. Bravo, Sir !" -Barely Ablemann, Washington DC

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