During the Black Hawk War, on June 4th 1856. Jens Jorgensen and wife, Jens Terklesen and Christian E. Kjerluf were massacred by Indians in Salt Creek Canyon while traveling unarmed on their way to Sanpete Valley. They had camped at the head waters in the canyon. After traveling about a mile after dinner, and having reached a point about a mile and a half from the head of the canyon, some Indians came from their hiding place and attacked them; two of the men were killed in the wagon, and burned with it. One man was killed about fifty yards from the wagon, and the woman was found dead close by the wagon, making four killed. John Ericksen, the only one who escaped, made his way to Ephraim where he arrived about dark. An ox hitched onto a hand-cart, and driven by one of the men, got frightened, and ran back to Nephi.

The bodies were brought to Ephraim for burial. These people were on their way to Ephraim where they intended to settle.

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