Utah Black Hawk War; Timpanogos Nation of the Wasatch

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The Doctrine of Discovery 1452 The following explains the Doctrine of Discovery and Congressional Acts that were designed to justify the extermination of indiginous peoples throughout North and South America.

VIDEO: CHRISTIAN DOCTRINE OF DISCOVERY: by Steve Newcomb Published on Feb. 2, 2016, Steven Newcomb, Author of Pagans in the Promised Land: Decoding the Doctrine of Christian Discovery" addresses the Spotlight of Indigenous Peoples plenary at the 2015 Parliament of the World's Religions in Salt Lake City, Utah on Oct. 19.

Manifest Destiny Manifest Destiny had a tremendous impact on North America. "Westward Ho!" the slogan that drove European expansion westward impacting Native Americans territorial rights.

Biographies & Timeline

*Timpanogos Nation Biography A biography of the Timpanogos Nation, and a detailed synopsis of the Utah Black Hawk War from the perspective of theTimpanogosTribe.

1847-1919 Chief Black Hawk Biography, detailing the circumstances that led to Chief Black Hawk's leadership in the Black Hawk War.

Utah Black Hawk War Timeline : Detailed timeline of "Utah Indian Wars" with the Timpanogos Nation, from 1847 to 1978.

Important events of the Black Hawk War

1849-50 Battle Creek & Fort Utah Massacres and extermination order of the Timpanogos Nation

1853 The Walker War

1854 Brigham Young His "Proper Way To Treat The Indians" 

1857 Mountain Meadows Massacre

1863 Bear River Massacre

1865 Grass Valley Massacre

1865 The Spanish Fork Treaty 

1866 Circleville Massacre

1866 Black Hawk Mortally Wounded at Gravely Ford

1866 The Old Peace Treaty Tree

1866 Spanish Fork Diamond Creek Battle

1870 The Death Of Antonga Black Hawk

Post War Period

1919 Black Hawk's Gravesite Robbed

1996 Examination Of Chief Black Hawk's Remains

The 'Timpanogos Ute' Oxymoron The Timpanogos are not Utes and never were.

FACTS OF THE BLACK HAWK WAR Interesting facts about the Black Hawk War of Utah and the Timpanogos Indians from 1847 to 1873 from Phillip B Gottfredson's research journal.

The Utah Black Hawk War Legacy The Black Hawk War is Utah's most tragic legacy. Native people in Utah suffer from generational trauma because of Mormon colonization.

In Remembrance: Black Hawk War Veterans

General Topics

Congressional Acts Governing First Nations The government designed these Congressional Acts to take away the reservations and assimilate Native Americans into white man's culture. "Kill the Indian and save the man."

News Articles Archive past news articles from our News Page.

1873 MEMORIAL OF THE LEGISLATIVE ASSEMBLY OF UTAH "Memorial of the Legislative Assembly of Utah" was prepared by the Legislature of Utah in 1873 and sent to the United States Congress. It is a bill asking Congress for reimbursement of expenses incurred by Brigham Young's private militia, the Nauvoo Legion, to remove the Indian population in Utah.

Phillip B Gottfredson - commentary

We Can Forgive... But Never Forget We assume that the Native peoples have since been given every opportunity to succeed, that "it's their own damn fault," as some say. All I can say is 'tell a lie often enough and it becomes the truth.'

The truth will set you free...but first it will piss you off Because it isn't taught in school, many Mormons have never had to face the dark past of the Black Hawk War, and now 150 years later, the truth comes to light, and most are unprepared to deal with the facts.

Truth In Education For All True First Nation history needs to be included in Utah's school curriculum, but its not...why?

Native American Protocols and Ethics When I was invited to live with a Shoshone family one of the first things I was taught was Native American protocols.

RUSSEL MEANS "For America to Live, Europe Must Die"

National Museum of the American Indian where Gottfredson began his research journey.

Phillip B Gottfredson Archive A random collection of past articles and notes Gottfredson wrote while on his journey-of-discovery throughout North and South America, while learning the life-ways of Native Americans.

Home Of The Mayan My journey to San Pedro was to research the historical, and spiritual connection between North and South American Native peoples. I visited San Pedro in 2012. The year North uninformed Americans said the Mayans had predicted the world would end. The Maya never made any such claim.

History of the First Nations of Utah In Review Our Mormon ancestors came from abroad seeking freedom in America. Here the indigenous were already free. Then our ancestors took from the First People their freedom, and they have been struggling ever since to be free again.


The following video & Podcast collection has been assembled to help further our understanding of the Native American perspective and the Black Hawk War in Utah.


Bear River Massacre Memorial 155th Anniversary January 29, 2018 (video)

PODCAST Mary Murdock Meyer Chief Executive of the Timpanogos Nation, and Phillip B Gottfredson live podacst with host Jay Winter Nightwolf in a candid conversation about the Timpanogos Nation and the Black Hawk War of Utah.


Much of the material found on this website comes from Peter Gottfredson who lived with the Timpanogos during the Black Hawk War. Peter is a great-grandfather of Phillip B Gottfredson.

Indian Depredations in Utah Author Peter Gottfredson MENUPeter Gottfredson's Book Indian Depredations In Utah.

Peter's Autobiography

Peter & his brother Hans In The Indian Camps

EXCERPTS from my great-grandfather Peter Gottfredson his book Indian Depredations in Utah, which is one of the oldest firsthand accounts of the Black Hawk War in Utah. He describes the wars between Mormon settlers and the Indians of Utah that occured between the years 1847 to 1872.

Eulogy to Peter Gottfredson 1934

SALT LAKE TRIBUNE ARTICLE by historian Will Bagley


The Land Of The Lamanites

The Danites

List of "American Indian" battles in the war of extermination of the Native Americans:


1866 Map of the Black Hawk War See where the battles took place during the war. Phillip never finished this map, but has some good information.

Tribal Locations in America Past and Present Map



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